A Parish Transport hydraulic platform flatbed trailer hauls an oversize load down a main road
Heavy Haul Transport

At Parish Transport, we have decades of experience and specialize in heavy haul transport, or in other words hauling over-dimensional loads. We take care of single shipments and more extensive projects and have covered a wide range of moves for the manufacturing, civil, and energy industries. With our widely customizable equipment, any exceptionally heavy, bulky, oversized, or crane-loaded products are well within our wheelhouse. 

We know there’s a lot at stake, and plenty of moving parts. Our logistics experts will line up everything you need to achieve safe, on-time, and smooth shipments. From paperwork and license acquisition to permitting and route planning, whatever dimensional concerns you have, know that we can tackle it. Let Parish Transport be your heavy haul transport solution.

What Is a Heavy Haul?

At Parish Transport, heavy haul transport involves moving bulky, overweight, over-dimensional, and oversized loads from one point to another. Heavy haul also involves hauling these loads on public highways, where they exceed standard road limits. Numbers can vary from one state to another, but in most cases a shipment qualifies as oversize or heavy haul when it exceeds:

  • 8.6 feet in width
  • 13.6 feet in height
  • 48 to 53 feet in length
  • 80,000 pounds in gross weight

Heavy haul loads may consist of large equipment, overweight vehicles, pre-built homes, and more. If you are unsure whether a load you need to transport meets heavy haul requirements, reach out to the experienced team at Parish Transport to learn more and have your questions answered.

Choose parish transport for heavy haul transport services

Besides our industry experience and talented team, Parish Transport has the best fleet to fit your specific transportation and rigging needs. We have many different trailer styles and configurations (see images below), which means that we can haul any sized load and transport it throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Our fleet can safely haul items of all shapes, sizes, and weights, including:

  • Storage tanks
  • Construction equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Transformers and energy equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Military vehicles

We provide heavy haul trucking services for every oversize load in any industry. From one local jobsite to another, or as a piece in a trans-national delivery, we do it all! Whether a load is oversize, overweight, or superload, it’s safe with us. We hire the most qualified drivers and use top-of-the-line equipment to ensure a smooth transport and delivery, no matter the load. 

From a detailed route plan to permits, compliance, local governmental coordination and escort and pilot cars, we have every bit of necessary logistics under control. And since we’re licensed, bonded, and insured, you can have the peace of mind that confidence brings when you work with us. Contact us today to learn more about our heavy haul transport services.


  • Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailers (up to 160,000 lbs.)

  • Extendable Deck Trailers (up to 80,000 lbs.)

  • Perimeter Frame Trailers (up to 300,000 lbs.)

  • Suspension Beam Trailers (up to 300,000 lbs.)

  • Hydraulic Platform Trailers (up to 800,000 lbs.)

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