Example of heavy haul transport services offered by Parish Transport
About Parish Transport

Our founder, Eric Parish, had a point to prove when a local transformer manufacturer – the largest in the U.S. – challenged him to a pretty rough trucking run. He knew it was possible, and so with a little grit and a lot of engineering, Parish Transport LLC was born. 

Founded in 2004 in Ellisville, Mississippi with a dream and a truck, Parish Transport LLC has since grown to operate a large fleet including flatbed trucking, dry van, heavy haul transport, and other over-dimensional transportation solutions. We haul and deliver loads across the lower 48 states while also providing extensive brokerage services, offering turn-key transport, and honing our logistics skillset. Here at Parish Transport, we sell service, and there’s no load we can’t handle. 

our Customers and employees come first.

At Parish Transport, we believe in honoring commitments. Honesty and trustworthiness are deeply held values that we live by. That means that what we tell customers is the standard we hold ourselves to, whether that’s finding a way to move your products or meeting a specific time frame. If we agree to something, you can be sure we’ll deliver. 

At the same time, we’ll never compromise safety or our drivers’ health and well-being. No load is worth that risk, and no price can justify it. Content drivers mean better hauls, safer roadways, and happier customers. In every way, we strive to offer our drivers the best compensation for their invaluable work. When care and consideration inform big decisions, everyone wins.  

Whatever the job, we will find a way. 

We specialize in flatbed, dry van, heavy haul, and over-dimensional transportation, and pride ourselves on our ability to engineer and accommodate whatever hauling needs we encounter. Our business is built around our customers, and we will do whatever is necessary to move your products. Give us the time to work through the details, and we’ll give you a great logistical gameplan. Our highly skilled and well-trained staff enjoy the challenge, and you can also be sure that affordability is built right in. 

Besides jumping at a challenge, we also think that running the latest equipment and technology is the best way to keep things moving. Customers love to know that our trucks are new and in top condition, and drivers love a quality rig. When mechanical issues stemming from old and outdated equipment are taken out of the equation, that’s one less thing to worry about on the road, and one more perk for customers and drivers alike. 

Values matter. 

Folks go on about values all the time, but when it gets down to the wire, lots of companies are willing to compromise – we just aren’t. From our founding until today, we’ve never been able to reconcile cutting corners or skimping on quality. Those practices would only drag us down, disappoint customers, and devalue drivers. Instead, we’re focused on sticking by our commitments and exceeding our clients’ expectations, all while holding to our core beliefs.  

We’re also focused on growth, expansion, and attracting the very best drivers and owner-operators to join our crew. There’s no need to be anything but upfront and honest when you offer the best. At the same time, we’re quick to recognize opportunities for improvement and are prepared to do what it takes to build on our success, always grounded by our deep sense of integrity, equality, and respect. Since our humble beginnings, our commitment to customers and employees remains unchanged. 

To learn more about Parish Transport and how we can effectively tackle your logistics needs, please reach out. And if we sound like the kind of company you’d like to be a part of, check out our Employment page for more information. Either way, we genuinely look forward to getting to know you.