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Why Work With Parish Transport

At Parish Transport, we believe that success should be shared. That's why we invest in our drivers' happiness, health, and financial security. When you feel appreciated and valued, we know that you'll give your all and pay that forward to our clients. And when clients are happy, everyone wins.

Our driving principle, across all endeavors, is our deep belief in the value of honoring commitments. We will fulfill every promise and live up to any standard we set for ourselves. And we like to work with people who do the same. That's why when we're looking for drivers, we want to work with the best.

Now some folks' ideas of “best” could be all about the numbers. We're more concerned with professionalism, integrity, and a core commitment to safety. We view all life as precious – from that of our drivers to everyone else on the road. And we're proud to have a stellar safety record. Of course in this business we know that “on time” is important. But if training is used and planning is done, timeliness will never require safety compromises.

At Parish Transport, safe operations are simply non-negotiable.

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What We Offer

At Parish Transport we take a driver-focused approach and we offer our employees tangible, real-world benefits. For a company of our size and in our locale, we offer:

  • The highest rates of pay available
  • A comprehensive benefits package - includes top-notch medical coverage and 401K options.
  • At least two (2) days of home time per week - whether that means weekends or weekdays, we can work with you.

As a Parish Transport employee you'll also get to operate state-of-the-art trucks that feature modern conveniences and amenities. We only run equipment that is three years old or newer, and we only buy the best that we are able to. Knowing that your rig won't break down or leave you stranded is a great assurance. And since we're always expanding our equipment and services, there will always be room for growth and development for our best drivers.

Our benefits aren't an afterthought –we're out to help you chart a successful career course.

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Who We're Looking For

Here at Parish we have plenty of work available for owner-operators and salaried employees alike. We are looking for any and all skilled individuals who align with our values and principles. We want to work with hard-working, honest, and forward-thinking drivers who value commitment and integrity as much as we do. We deeply value the work you've already put in and are committed to helping you reach even higher heights. And if that means being unafraid to speak up and be heard, we welcome it. This is a collective endeavor after all.

To inquire about available positions or learn more about our compensation and benefits, reach out with a call or message us online. And if we sound like your kind of company, please take a moment to fill out our online application. We love dialogue and want this to work for everyone involved –we cannot wait to hear from you. Let's get talking and make something great happen.

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