Parish Transport dry van semi-trailer en route to destination
Dry Van Semi-Trailers

Our dry van semi-trailers are fully enclosed to protect your cargo from exposure to the elements. We can haul your palletized, boxed, or loose shipments via our dry van services. Trailers are 53’ long and are not outfitted for climate control. Our trailers accommodate loads up to 45,000 pounds with enough floor space to house 26 standard pallets. Dry van shipping offers you the most versatile and protected transportation method for your goods and products. And because they are protected from the weather, you know your shipment will arrive intact. 

High winds, soaking rain, and direct sunlight will not touch your cargo, and it will also have an added layer of protection against theft. Important to your bottom line, dry van shipping is an affordable option to move your products from where they are produced or received to retail outlets or distribution centers.

We take deep pride in the quality of our shipping equipment, offering you only the best trailers that are impeccably maintained. Contact Parish Transport today for dry van shipping.